Celebrating 44 Years!

1977 - 2021

Lorraine’s Cake Decorating & Candy Supplies, located at 148 Broadway in Hanover, is crammed with everything imaginable needed for cake, cookie and candy creations: molds, cutters and pans of every shape, paper doilies, cake boards, boxes, colored foil, bags, and baking cups for packaging your masterpieces, walls of cake toppers, including tiny plastic brides and grooms, sports figures, babies, cartoon characters, seasonal items and candles to top your cakes and cupcakes, decorating tips and bags, cookie scoops, spatulas, ready-made icing flowers, frostings, fillings, food coloring and flavoring, and the popular ready-made rolled fondant in assorted colors and flavors.


T, W, F        9:30 - 5:00

Th               9:30 - 7:00

Sat              9:30 - 400

Sun & Mon   CLOSED


Lorraine's, Inc.


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