Stencil Genie (Frames A & B)

Stencil Genie (Frames A & B)

SKU: 782000

The Stencil Genie Magnetic Stencil Frame makes airbrushing or stenciling with Royal Icing on your cookies a breeze. Sandwich your stencil between the two magnetic frames and place it on top of your cookie. Set Includes: two piece frame, with a 1/4” thick side and a 3/8” thick side. Choose the side that best fits the thickness of your cookie (it is best for the stencil to touch the surface of the cookie). Made of plastic with magnetic corners to hold a stencil securely above your cookie . 

FRAME IS HAND WASH ONLY. Just a light rinse or wipe down with a wet towel will clean it right up! Do NOT soak your Stencil Genie or run it under water, as it will loosen up your magnets!!! Always store your Stencil Genie with frame pieces separated and magnet sides down!

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