Dusting Powders

These dusts are NON TOXIC and are ideal for use on gum paste flowers, plaques, lettering, etc.

Petal Dusts 

A delightful range of matte dusting powders, in a wide selection of rich, vibrant colors, which supplement the Pearl and Luster Dusts. Petal Dusts are extremely versatile – they mix or match, complement or supplement and present a rainbow of colors that blend easily.

Petal Dusts
Luster DustsLuster Dusts may be used by themselves or mixed with compatible Petal Dust to create a lustrous sheen. Luster Dusts
Diamond Dusts  

These dusts have a larger particle size than the Luster Dusts and give a wet dew-like effect when brushed on colored or white gum paste.

Sparkle Dusts
Pearl Dusts  

A light dusting with Super Pearl gives a shimmering luster to flowers made from white or colored gum paste.

Pearl Dusts
More suggested uses :Mix two or more of the available colors to produce an infinite range of tones to cater to the decorator’s most artistic imagination. Keep handy two or more small to medium size paintbrushes, preferably made with real or synthetic hair. Dust with Petal Dust for depth of color, and brush over with Pearl or Luster Dust to give a lifelike sheen to the gum paste flowers. Gold and silver colors could also be applied on the edges and stamens of the flowers to give a touch of gold or silver tone to tie in with the theme of the occasion. Packaging : Spill proof, clear plastic containersWeight : Sparkle, Pearl and Luster Dusts 2 grams net, Petal Dusts 4 grams net.

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